Slat Conveyors / Apron Conveyors

technolink slat conveyor indiaIf you are facing hassles in conveying heavy weight goods like refrigerators, high temperature ovens, automobiles, machine parts etc., then get Slat Conveyors/ Apron Conveyors from Techno Link Conveyor Systems Pvt. Ltd. These Slat Conveyors are basically installed on the traveling platforms like Airports, metro railway station and many more. Also, as per the customers demand, the conveyors can be used in various industrial units like chemical industries, glass manufacturing units, assembly lines, etc. Whilst, to form assembling/production lines, jigs or fixtures can be added to the slats. Speed, size and type can deviate from place to place as per the requirement of transporting the materials. The best part of these conveyors is that you can connect one floor to another since it is reliable in nature and caters to wide applications where products can be turned in various directions during transportation. This will help you to transport your goods or appliance floor to floor. To keep our customers stress free, we assure smooth and safe equipments with proper quality control. To get Slat Conveyors / Apron Conveyors contact Techno Link Conveyor Systems Pvt. Ltd.


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